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Meet Our Founder

Meet Guy, the Founder and Lead SEO Manager. Having worked at an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency that is also a Google Partner for a few years, Guy implemented his professional Digital Marketing skills with his skills and strategies. Over the past few months, Guy has created SKM Digital to help local Bournemouth businesses grow in ways they never thought possible. 

We’re more than just your average Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth and other areas. We’re an essential addition to your business and use proven strategies to work with our clients.

The Founder's Background

Guy’s career has been very ambitious, full of skills, and transformed. In the year 2020, he worked as a waiter. This job was not related to the field he was going to work in, but the experience was helpful in gaining some precious knowledge regarding customer service. At this time, Guy was unconsciously laying the groundwork for his digital marketing career by constantly helping a family business establish its online presence.

During the first SEO project, Guy discovered the potential digital marketing could have. He became fired up by the success he was able to bring the family business and decided to follow his newfound passion professionally. Back in 2021, he joined the ranks of a prestigious, award-winning digital marketing agency known for its Google Partner status. Here, he worked as an SEO Specialist, perfecting his skills and gaining unique industry insights.

Working in such a high-caliber agency environment, Guy learned what it truly meant for SEO to work and have it as an important factor for the growth of a business. It was such experiences and learning that allowed him to have such knowledge and confidence to extend his vision. With that in mind, the desire to help more businesses realise their online potential was created, and in late 2023, SKM Digital was founded.

SKM Digital was born out of Guy’s insatiable quest for perfection and his vision to create a digital services company not like other SEO companies but one that provides tailor-made website design and development services. The company soon proved its worth by assisting more than 50 businesses in improving their digital strategies for remarkable growth.

Now leading SKM Digital, Guy still uses his expertise and passion for digital marketing to lead his team and service clients on their way through this space full of innovation. It is a moving example of how dedication and the right opportunities come together to make extraordinary changes in one’s career and in the ability to actually make a difference within the digital space.

Our Mission

Not showing up on the first page of searches is a huge loss in business; 80% of potential customers do not go past the first page of search results. This means that your competitors are winning the attention and business from your future customers by appearing on the first page.

Proper implementation of SEO strategies guarantees your presence on the first page of Google. This, in turn, enhances your organic traffic and attracts visitors who are already motivated to purchase, which greatly increases your conversions.

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