SEO Services

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a way to make your website easier to find when people search for things online. It helps by improving parts of your website, like the titles and descriptions, which tell search engines what your page is about. It also uses links from other websites to make your site look more trustworthy and important. Using SEO can help bring more people to your site without paying for ads. This means you might sell more and get more customers. Good SEO needs careful planning and regular updates to keep up with new rules from search engines, making sure people can always find your website.

What We Can Offer

Our Founder who is also an SEO Director for the company has years of experience in SEO by working at an award-winning digital marketing agency that is also a Google Partner. With his expertise, we're confident with our SEO strategy that has proven to work for many of our clients.

As an SEO agency, we focus on boosting your online presence and Google ranking through customised search engine optimisation strategies.

We deeply research your industry's specific needs and apply strategic SEO practices, including technical optimisation, content strategy, and link building.

Whether you aim to lead local searches or increase visibility across the UK, our services are designed to meet your goals and deliver a strong return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

We do things differently than other SEO Agencies. The truth about other agencies are that even though they send reports, they can make the reports sound like a lot has been done throughout the month but that’s false. This means that their client are not getting the service they need.

Some of us have worked for many agencies all over the country. We disagree with their methods. This is why Guy (Our Founder) created SKM Digital so that our clients get their money’s worth.

We focus on brand building and putting your business on the Google search engine which means we don’t just take your money and barely anything gets done. Remember, we want your brand to succeed!

Read on to discover our services.


Our services help make your website easier to find online and bring more visitors. We use safe and effective White Hat SEO methods to make your website stand out. We can help your business in several ways:

Technical SEO

Before any SEO campaigns, we will make sure your site works correctly and that it is SEO friendly.

Local SEO

With our local SEO strategies, we will get you leads from the customers in your area. This brings a great ROI.

Link Building

We will get other high-authoritative websites to link to you like Wikipedia and websites with DA 50+.

SEO Content Writing

We write clear and interesting articles that use those special words to draw more visitors.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research strategy are like no others. We will find you the best keywords that will bring success to your company.

Ecommerce SEO

This is what you need to boost your online shop’s visibility and sell your products.